Wren & Ambrosia: 2

Letter 2: Lady Fenris

Wren & Ambrosia 2

Greetings, Ms. Avis,

It is rare for me to receive a letter, much less one from a member of the Avis family. It has been many years since I spoke with your mother, but she was right in sending you to me. I have given up my direct interference with the Net, but occasionally, such games, as dangerous as they may be, can be quite amusing for one in a situation as myself.

This letter is being sent to you through an elaborate network that I have established over the years with trusted allies. Should you have any need to contact me in the future, beware that “actual paper,” when sent through improper channels, can be just as dangerous and just as revealing of your whereabouts.

Whatever you do, do not jack into AllNet. They do exist. No one is supposed to know of their existence, but they move like wraiths and are nearly as undetectable.

If you want to remain untrackable, you must remove your chip. Even a scammed one will flag the wraith system. Remove it.

Prove your identity to me, and I will guide you to the one who can remove your chip. Reply with your proof by placing your letter in the library book “History of the Rise and Fall of the First Empire.”

Send me your proof.

– Ambrosia


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