Evan & Jaina: 2

Second Letter: Anonymous

EJ 2.1 EJ 2.2EJ 2.3


Glad you finally got to a supply depot. I was beginning to get worried.

The scans caught me totally by surprise! I damn near fell out of my chair. Seeing the message written out by you was that much more reassuring that you are alive and well.

I did some scrounging of my own and managed to find a fancy-ish? pen. The damn thing needs to be “dipped.” On the up side, I can use just about anything liquid to write with. Remember that horrid wine we picked up and never threw out? I found a use for it! I just had to let it sit for a few days.

Glad the crew is behaving themselves and that you have a place of refuge. You guys still floating about the outer colonies? I hear things have been getting rough in the new territories. I hope you don’t end up over there.

Things have been pretty quiet here. We’re supposed to be getting a new comm system soon. Lord knows this one needs to go away! I’ve had to start printing out messages, as it’s easier for me to pull them from a folder than wait for the system to pull it up, it’s crazy!

Hahaha, I can just imagine you and your cuteness chasing after the notebook in zero-g. It must have been quite the sight.

Missing you fiercely as well! The quarters just don’t feel the same without your presence. I keep looking up at the stars and wondering which one you’re closest to. When you get back, we’ll have to go find some place to get lost for a while, maybe put that pup tent to good use.

Considering you are writing with a pen in zero-g, I’m impressed that your writing is that good.

Wishing I was tangled up in that hammock with you. I love you, and miss you dearly!




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