Evan & Jaina: 3

Third Letter: K

EJ 3.1EJ 3.2

Dear Evan,

It was so good to read your letter, I could almost hear your voice coming off the page. I must have read it 3 or 4 times before I put it down. Your pen sounds fascinating–I’m afraid mine are just standard issue.

You finally found a use for the wine! God, I can’t believe we kept it for so long. Please tell me you didn’t try it. I don’t know what possessed us to get it in the first place.

You are correct, things are rough in the territories–a lot of border disputes over resources and habitable land. Terraforming doesn’t always work, and I’ve heard of entire ships of settlers being unable to land because terraforming failed and no one bothered to inform them.

I wish I could reassure you, but we left the colonies behind two cycles ago. We just passed the Charion Spiral, and have officially left civilized space. I can’t tell you what we’re doing or where we’re actually going, mostly because I don’t know. Not even the navigators know–each one has a series of coordinates, but they only program them when the captain orders it. Oh, and they’re encoded, so the navigators can’t decode them for a location.

It’s almost concerning, but I knew we were going to be flying blind from the beginning. My job is just to keep us in the air, so to speak. Which was not an easy task today, by the way. The compression coil busted, and I was up to my elbows in grease replacing it. Not that I’d mind, if it was just that, but I’d just found out that someone fucked up the fuel lines and we had a slow leak in one of the valves. Mind you, we can’t fly without a compression coil, so every second I spent fixing that, we lost fuel reserves. Pissed me off to no end, that’s for sure, We’re still find on fuel, don’t worry, but the fact that it happened is frustrating as hell.

I’m so glad you’re finally getting a new comm system! You’ve been complaining about that one for ages, with very good reason. Maybe we’ll actually get a chance to talk when it’s replaced.

Oh, Darlin! I wish you’d been there to see my cuteness chasing my notebook! I’d give just about anything to see you, feel your hands on my skin. I never knew how starved for touch I could be, but now I wake up in the middle of the night and my skin aches for your warmth.

When you look up at the stars tonight, wave at the Axial Rings. I think that’s the closest system at this point. I have the hologram projector in the engine room playing clips of home. It makes me feel closer to you.

And oh, yes please! Somewhere quiet and secluded, no one but us and the woods, and clean, fresh, air. I miss fresh air miserably. After the first few days shipboard, the air starts to taste stale and metallic. Sometimes, I sneak into the oxygen garden, where it’s still fresh, but we’re really not allowed in there. I can get away with it once in awhile to check the filtration systems, but not often.

And I’m out of space. Write soon, and tell me all about home, and how you’re doing. Are you eating enough and remembering to drink enough water?

All my love, hugs, and so many kisses,



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