Grayson & Bayne: 1

This is the first letter of the series, written between myself, K, and another collaborator, known here as Big Cheese.

Initial Letter: K

Grayson & Bayne 1

14 Dragon Moon, 1731

Dear Ser,

I’ve been instructed to send you a report on the movement of elven forces in the North. We’ve found that the Northern Tribes are allying, moving together and marching south. The hope is that they are marching against our mutual enemies in the South, but our treaties with them have been strained of late.

My commander requests that you send an envoy of diplomats to treat with them. We cannot afford to fight two wars at once, and those of us in the Northern Outpost have no great skills in negotiation.

Please send your reply posthaste.

Scout Grayson, 5th Division
Northern Outpost, Windspire


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