Kiara & Madeline: 1

Initial Letter: K

Kiara/Madeline 1.0Kiara/Madeline 1.1

My Dear Sister,

It’s been almost a month since you left for The Academy, and we at home miss you greatly. Mother is doing much better, I think she is finally recovering from Father’s death. The rest of the village is still following the same dull routine, with one exception. Me.

Everything is going according to plan, Sister! Lady Duvall is going to sponsor me at court, and no one has suspected our particular talents. Forgive me, as you know penmanship is not one of mine.

In any case, our plan will soon be set in motion, at least on my end. I am to present myself to Lady Duvall in a fortnight, and we shall leave for the Capitol directly.

Think of it, Sister! With you in The Academy and me in the Capitol, our plan will be more successful than we ever imagined!

You must tell me everything that you have done this past month. How go our plans? I’m sure none in The Academy suspect your powers, but you must be careful! No one can know about us until we are ready to finalize the plan, then all the power we could imagine will be ours.

I eagerly await your reply,

All my Love,



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