Kiara & Madeline: 2

Second Letter: M. Corriveau

Kiara/Madeline 2.0Kiara/Madeline 2.1

Dearest Kiara,

I am so glad to hear that you are already Capitol bound! I thought it would have taken at least six months to secure a place at court. I admire your perseverance and the focus it must have taken to obtain your goal so quickly.

Before I tell you about me, I must apologize for the delay of my reply. There is never a moment to yourself here, as you may remember from your Academy days, and it is so terribly strict.I never knew learning how to be a Lady could be so terribly hard and dull at the same time!

Anyway, my plans have not gone as well as yours. While nobody suspects my powers, I have been unable to befriend any of the girls from the higher families. I know you told me to be careful, but I fear I will not be able to do my part without using my mind powers.

I am glad to hear that mother is doing better. Do you think that now is the good time to let her know of our plan? She is our mother, after all. I also hope you have not forgotten the point of our plans. We have others to think about at the Cove, not just our power to obtain. They are living as outcasts as well and are relying on us to gain position and help them to be able to integrate into civilized living without the stigma of being a “freak.”

Please write as often as you can, for it will be my only entertainment. I will work harder to do my part here.

Yours Truly,



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