Kiara & Madeline: 3

Third Letter: K

MK 3MK 3.1



My Dear Madeline,

I’m delighted to get your letter! It arrived just as I was preparing to leave, and I’m writing you back from the loveliest carriage I have ever seen. I’m sorry to hear that the Academy is tedious. I know it can be difficult, but you will manage, I know!

I have an idea for your success at the Academy–a new student should be arriving soon from Rivayne. Her name is Anshal, and her father is a very important member of the Rivayne Court. She is going to the Academy to learn our customs so she can follow in her father’s footsteps. I know from experience that the girls at the Academy can be vicious, especially to foreigners. Befriend her, and you will find the influence you need.

Does Madame Renee still teach deportment and posture? I remember she was a veritable dragon when I was there. We had to wear posture straps under our gowns, an walk through the halls with books on our heads.

I haven’t forgotten about our friends, dear sister, never fear. I don’t think it would be wise to tell Mother of our plans, however. She has become a lot more conservative since Father’s death, and I worry that she is spending too much time with the priests. It may not be safe if she knows.

Please write me back, and have your letter sent to the Capitol. Oh, and one last thing–no pranks! I know it might be tempting to mess with some of the girls, but it’s not worth it. Trust me.

Be careful, and good luck!

All my love,




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