Kiara & Madeline: 4

Fourth Letter: M. Corriveau


MK 4


Dear Kiara,

You know me all too well! Unfortunately, your letter came too late and it was in fact during the posture exercise that I used my power to have a mouse scurry over Beatrice Sithing’s shoe. Oh, the shriek, you should have heard it! And all the books that toppled on top of her was just icing on the cake of her humiliation. Madame Renee made her stay after to do two more laps with the books.

I know what you are thinking, but she deserved it. She is the one who has gotten all the other girls to start calling me “Farm Girl,” because my hair is straw colored. Even though I take extra care of it, when I first wake up and in this humidity…well, you know. It does not help that we are known to be poorer than the other families.

The good news is, I did meet Anshal! She is the most beautiful, with hair so dark and shiny as a raven and skin like coffee with milk! I thought for sure that the other beautiful girls would scoop her up into their elite group, until she spoke. Her accent is more than noticeable and the only thing the others noticed, harshly. I have been sitting with her for luncheon everyday. She is terribly shy, but a very nice girl.

I hope that mother will at least be able to visit you in the Capitol. I knew it would be a bad idea to leave her alone so soon after Father’s death.

I hope your journey is a safe one, and you receive this letter where you are supposed to be.

Love Your Sister,



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