Lt. Mason & Friend: 1

Initial Letter: K

Addressed to Lieutenant Mason, Aide to Commander Avery of His Majesty’s Guard.

Lt Mason/Friend 1

Dear Ser,

It has come to my attention that your commander has recently captured two renegade mages suspected of blood magic. I can confirm that the woman, Irene DiSonia, is indeed a blood mage, guilty of truly heinous crimes. Her young charge, Toby Therin, however, is entirely innocent. He was kidnapped from his tower naught but six months ago, and Irene threatened his young sister if he tried to escape.

Please instruct your commander to contact Grand Mage Alexie at the Corallan Tower for confirmation of Toby’s situation. He may also wish to investigate the old ruins near the Cloudpeak trail. There he will find further evidence of Irene’s guilt and Toby’s innocence. You may send a reply with this courier.


A Friend


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