Lt. Mason & Friend: 2

Second Letter: Nemo

Mason 2 Mason 2.1

To a Dear Friend,

I must first apologize for the lateness of this letter. An enclave of blood mages had infiltrated our lower ranks, a nightmare to sort, and it has had my full attention.

As you said, we discovered the truth in those woods. Several defilers of magic have confessed to having kidnapped your friend and even preparing him for a sacrificial ritual. When pressed for more information, an initiate spoke this before tears of blood fell from his eyes and he lay dead before us.

“Amon Ra.”

My men have no knowledge of this term, they believe it to be some form of “self-death.” I think it is something more…ancient perhaps.

The words itch at the back of my skull as though my body know some terror my brain does not. Whatever this “Amon Ra” is, I pray we need not know it.

Thank you for your insight regarding our soon to be prisoner. Without your intervention, he would surely be dead.

Glory to the Empire,

Lt. Mason


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