Lt. Mason & Friend: 3

Letter 3: K

Mason 3Mason 3.1

Lt. Mason,

Toby thanks you for your intervention. He has been reunited with his family, and is recovering from his ordeal. Should you feel the need to question him further, rest assured that he knows nothing of what you speak.

The words you mention are of great concern to me. Ensure that your men are prepared for anything, as what they will face is far worse than blood magic. I am sending you an amulet, as well as instructions for commissioning more. Craft one for each of your men, and take the one I send for yourself.

The itch you speak of is not imaginary, and indeed, you are in grave danger. The amulet will protect you from suggestion and illusion. I pray it is not too late. You must watch your men for signs of possession. Vacant stares, changes in eye color, or an altered voice are all symptoms. The only way to know for certain is rather gruesome, I’m afraid.

You must take a drop of the suspected person’s blood and let it fall onto a piece of ice. If the blood congeals, all is well. If the ice melts, then you have lost a soldier, and must either kill or incarcerate him. There is currently no known cure for this type of possession, but I am doing research.

It would be wise to test all of your men before giving them the amulets, as they will be ineffective if they are already thralls. I would also recommend testing your superiors. Low-ranking soldiers are not the only ones susceptible to possession.

While I have some knowledge of what you speak, I am not the most knowledgeable about it. However, I know one who is. After you acquire the amulets, you must travel to the village of Crestweir, not far from the city. Ask for an old woman named Magdalena, and show her the seal on this letter. She will tell you what you need to know. I dare not put my knowledge in writing, for my words have power, and power can ge a great temptation to the wicked. That which you speak of is very wicked indeed.

Suffice it to say, it is a great evil, long since thought lost to legend. Its return would be a dark day indeed, and would mean ruin for all of Thir. Please do not hesitate to follow my instructions.

~ Your Friend


Amulet of Protection:

Begin with unpolished obsidian.

Place it in a setting of copper and hang it on a silver chain.

Hold your amulet in your right hand over the amulet to be enchanted.

Read the spell attached over each amulet, then give them to your soldiers.



Avesh toth. Avesh koth. Avesh myria kah veck tha Rashe. Vecktha.


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