Tickle & Knock: 2

A very tiny response from K to S.L Snow.

Letter 2: K

Tickle 1 Tickle 2

Tickle w/Pen

Tickle Envelope

My Dear Knock!

I’m so glad that you found my address! I worried that it would be too small for you to read, but I truly cannot write any larger. A kind mother robin lent me a feather so I could write you, and I need two hands to hold it!

You cannot imagine my delight to see that you have woken! They said you wouldn’t, that you were a legend, but I knew better, and clambered up your back to wake you. I do hope you are not cross. I am forever making people cross. They say I am too fanciful, always talking about legends and magical things, nothing at all practical. But I do not want to be practical! I want to dress in gossamer threads and dance in the sunlight, and sing about legends and magic and names and…oh! I have a name! You called me Tickle! That’s a name, isn’t it? I’ve never had a name before, it’s my very first!

You didn’t dream me, but I thought I dreamed your reply! You sound incredible, and I’ve heard stories of you my whole life. You looked so peaceful with the crocuses all about you, it was almost hard to wake you. You were hard to find, but I knew where to look. I’ve heard stories of you in the chatter of magpies, the whisper of butterfly wings, and the susurration of leaves in the wind.

Isn’t that a beautiful word? Susurration. Soo-sur-a-tion. I learned it from a strange thing – a girl? – in the woods. A she, I think. Girls are shes, right? Anyway, she had piles of paper and these things called books! They’re so strange and wonderful – pages tied together with whole worlds inside them!

She taught me words like susurration and clandestine, and epistolary and tintinnabulation! Aren’t they lovely? Oh! Perhaps she is the one you remember? She was not so small as me, and not at all so big as you. She smiled a lot, and used that word…memory. She said she had memories of the forest, and it made her happy to be here again.

I am a she! I think. I get confused sometimes, too. I hope I didn’t confuse you too greatly! I didn’t mean to at all, I just wanted to meet you. Please don’t fall asleep too soon! I worry that if you sleep again, I may never see you again, and that would be terribly sad.

Besides, being awake is such a wonderful thing! There’s so much to see and do and feel – it’s breathtaking. The butterflies are my favorite, with their beautiful colors and elegant grace. Sometimes, I climb to the tops of lupins or daisies, just to wave at them as they flutter by.

And with that, dear Knock, I must go. I hope you are not too put out that I woke you!

Your Friend,



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